The Twilight of My Ballet Career

“After an illustrious career and a rigorous performance schedule, it has become clear that I must hang up my tights and retire from the dance. It is hard to step away from what has become my art, but I feel I must. The compounded stress of step after step has taken a toll on my weary body and I must now look to the future – hoping for recovery of both my basic mobility and my faculties. After putting my heart on the line for the audience day after day, I fear I have created a distance from my family that I must mend in this next season of life. Thank you to my fans and supporters – you have been my muse. I am blessed to be able to go out at the pinnacle of my career.”

The retirement speech no one attended…

Yes, I performed in the ballet last week. A performance for which I demanded  a one dollar check that I will not cash, thus making me a professional dancer. I feel very accomplished. Read More