Missing Kylie

On the 2-year anniversary of Kylie’s cancer diagnosis, we released Missing Kylie.

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The goal of Missing Kylie is threefold:

  1.  To reach a wider audience with Kylie’s story.
  2.  To share a messy faith to hurting people in a genuine and authentic manner.
  3.  To raise money and awareness for safer and more effective treatments for childhood cancer.


Early Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Read for Anybody With a Pulse

By Amazon Customer on May 29, 2016

If you have never heard of Smiley for Kylie you may be living under a rock. Don’t worry; much of the general population of this country is living there too. In fact, I too resided there not so long ago. In this book Mark Myers successfully takes you along on the path that is childhood cancer. By using entries from his own journal you the reader get an inside look at the struggles of treatment, the questioning of spirituality, and even finding happiness in some of the darkest situations. You will NOT walk away from this book the person you were before reading it. I dare you to read this and not be touched.



5.0 out of 5 stars  Powerful and Honest – Truly a Gem

By Southern Gent on May 24, 2016

What an amazing book! Although I read it quite quickly, I can’t say it was an “easy read” due to the subject matter. Mark Myers wrote with such honesty about heartbreak and suffering, but at the same time wove in humor, love and faith that transcends what had to be such a painful time for he and his family. I really appreciated his not sugar-coating the family’s challenge with childhood cancer. Although I can’t truly know what that battle feels like, his writing helped me understand to some degree.

This book would be great for anyone who is impacted by severe illness or challenge. Even if not directly, it also provides an honest look at how you can support folks that are going through a similar struggle.

Thank you Mark. You honored Kylie in an incredible way. As a father myself, I appreciate your helping me better understand sacrificial love and also how to deal when I can’t always fix things.



5.0 out of 5 stars A lasting affect of their sweet Kylie–she is drawing others nearer to Christ through not ..

By Malarky75 on April 10, 2016

Read in one sitting. Cried and smiled all the way through. I have never met Kylie or her family, but am drawn to their real, raw, heart-wrenching, and hopeful journey. A lasting affect of their sweet Kylie–she is drawing others nearer to Christ through not only her words and tragedy but those of her father, mother and each of her three sisters. This book, this family and their Kylie are changing the face of childhood cancer. What a gift to Kylie and all of our kids when they help END IT!



5.0 out of 5 stars Get this book!

By Jenniferon on April 11, 2016

Perfect reading. Hard to put down, but I had to. Went in to give my kids some extra loving tonight. Brave, beautiful family.


Proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to fight childhood cancer in memory of Kylie.

To read more about the book, please visit this post.