A Smiley for Mommy

I am so proud of Kylie. She was determined to write this and spent a good deal of time honoring her selfless, Godly mother.

Smiley For Kylie

An open Mother’s Day letter from Kylie:

Dear Mommy,

I love you very much, but I haven’t been able to show it because I’ve been feeling so bad. But in between my naps and moods I have watched you strive to make me happy. And when I feel terrible you’re by my side with some sort of medicine to make it better. But when I thought deeper I realized that those recollections were just from this week, so I thought back further. I realized that you haven’t left my side since before I knew this was cancer because one day we went to get a MRI, and then that weekend you told me we had to spend a few days in the hospital and I was terrified. But you were there for me, even when the “few days” turned into a month. Guess who didn’t leave the hospital once: you…

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