Light Bulb Lessons

It’s good to learn.

John Maxwell said, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.”

I learn a lot.

I learned a valuable lesson the other night. When you sink an amazing nine-ball shot, don’t raise your arms in exuberance – especially if you happen to be standing under the ceiling fan. The shower of glass taught me that and I like to think that I’ve learned from it. The only positive from this particular lesson was that I got to go to the neighborhood hardware store where my friend, Hershel works.


Hershel is the best. He’s a little old guy who is slow and slightly stooped from years of hard work. He can fix anything better than anyone who comes in the store, but he is never condescending about:

  1. your lack of knowledge, or
  2. your stupidity for breaking whatever you came in to fix.

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