Hate the Hate

I had a different, uplifting post scheduled for today. But I fear it would have gotten drowned out by current events. I went to bed early and overnight the world seems to have gone mad. I’m not taking sides, I’m not with anyone. I just hate the hate.

I hate divisive talk. I hate that we can’t all get along and I hate the way we verbally assault the other side for having a different opinion. I’ve sat on the sidelines and watched as people tear each other down for the way they view the world and for the way they voted. I hate the hate.

It’s on both sides. Neither seems immune to hate. The winning party hates from a lofty, self-righteous, I-told-you-so pedestal and the losing party hates by spewing venom and sowing fear from underneath. And if the results had been reversed their reactions would have been identical, just from the opposite position. It’s disgusting. This hate is disgusting.

This morning I thought of sweet Kylie who would get physically ill when there was confrontation in our house. She couldn’t stand to know her people weren’t getting along. She hated hate. We called her our peacemaker because she would drag combatants to the table until issues were resolved. In so many ways I want to be like her.

I think what I am discovering is that we as a nation have stopped listening to each other. We don’t care what the other has to say.

“I am red and everyone else should be red, by God.”

“I am blue and everyone else should be blue, dammit.


I’ve gotta tell you that I’m a little purple. I see merit in both.

Purple – It’s a perfectly acceptable color. Do some of you feel left out now that the vote is nearly 50/50 yet your side lost? If not this time, last time? We purple people feel left out, too – all the time. By any angle we are not in the majority. Because we just want to salvage love and dignity from the election every four years. We want Ward Cleaver, Andy Griffith, Rob Petry, or Carol Brady for president. Love and discretion, but above all, respect and consideration. Yeah, give us that.

This place would be a ton better if we would have a civil cup of coffee with someone who doesn’t agree with us or go have a beer with a guy who voted the opposite ticket.

Be purple. Love. Respect. Mend fences instead of building walls. That’s what we need to work toward. Hate the hate.



Don’t leave comments here, go say something nice to someone who doesn’t look or think like you.

Snuggle Mommy

Rob Petrie had it made.

He had the love and adoration of the beautiful Laura. He had a fine young son. He had a fulfilling job where he worked in a humorous family atmosphere and neighbors who were his closest friends. You know what else he had? A good night’s sleep! He got a good night’s sleep because he and Laura had separate beds. Can you imagine it? I can. You see, I’m not one for snuggling.


I blame the fact that I get too hot. But really, I just like to be on my own. I think I’ve always been that way. I don’t recall a time when I just felt an overwhelming urge to cuddle. Oh sure, we were honeymooners at one point, way back in the early 90’s… when I was young. I am sure I snuggled then. But like any guy, If I were honest I would admit to an ulterior motive. Read More