Glaring Weakness is my Strength

I spent the weekend at my college homecoming with the friends of my youth. We were young bucks together – brothers, champions on fields and in the ladies’ hearts. True legends of the university, soon to conquer the world. At least that’s how we remember it.

Back in the Day
Back in the Day

Back then, the talk was of girls, sports, parties, and well… girls. This time we mostly talked of the good old days, recent medical procedures, new aches, chronic pains, and family. Our waists are bigger and our hairlines have shifted. Every one of us is slower but wiser. I found it hysterical to go to dinner in this college town when no one had to mooch because we actually have money.

It was so good to see these guys. They have faithfully followed my family’s journey through cancer and the loss of Kylie and been a great source of encouragement to me. I needed this weekend to thank them, hug them, be with them and reconnect. This is the first time I’ve been able to go. Life got in the way for far too long. Read More

Missing Kylie

I have been absent from posting for a few weeks. The reason is that Kylie took a sudden turn for the worse and left her battered body on February 13th. I miss her every day.


There are so many questions and very few answers. My lovely wife and I had to plan out her funeral, which was truly heartbreaking. During the discussion, I felt compelled to speak at the memorial because I knew that Kylie would never want anyone to waver in their faith because of her passing. So I did. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I made it through.

I would like to share the video with you. If you would rather read the text, it is at the bottom of the blog’s Kylie page.

There is no formula to recovering from this type of thing, but I think we are doing as well as can be expected. We intend to grieve well and then get on with the two charges our little girl gave us – Mommy has to take care of her kitten and I got the easy one: cure childhood cancer. Her social media sites are exploding so she is handing us a platform for it, which we intend to use. Right now, we have no idea how… But we will figure it out because Kylie told us to.