A Cat’s Divine Appointment

Did you ever believe in a divine appointment? I mean, something that worked together so perfectly that it had to be orchestrated by God in order to unfold properly. Something that, if man touched, would fall apart like a house of cards built on a rickety three-legged table.

It happened to me recently. Actually, it happened to a cat I now own. If you’ve been to my house or been reading my blog for any length of time, you know our pet burden is already far too high. All rescues, we have Winston, the huge, stupid, lovable lab. Toby Flenderson, the dog with a personality deficit. Kitty, a barn cat who came to live with us two years ago. Stanley the Chemo Cat, a sweet fatboy who was chosen by Kylie to sit with her during treatment.

In the last weeks, our little patient wanted a baby kitty. Actually, she has wanted one for some time and I was able to say no. At one point, I bought a bottle, put Stanley in a diaper and tried to pass him off for a kitten. He was pretty cute, but a 14 lb. cat doesn’t pose well as a baby.

So when we got the terrible news that her disease had progressed, I could no longer say no to anything she wanted. I called a friend who knew a pet rescue organization and in a few hours, a kind lady from Angels Among Us delivered a baby kitty who had gotten off to a rough start in life. We had every intention of returning the cat in a few days.

This is where the divine appointment came in. We brought the kitten to Kylie who sat up for the very last time to welcome her. She gave us her last smiles and loved on that little cat as long as her energy would allow. When she laid back to rest, that little kitten curled up in the crook of her arm and never moved. Never! If one of us moved her, she walked right back into the crook of Kylie’s arm and laid back down. Eliza didn’t move from that spot until Kylie breathed her last.


You might think we got a mellow, lazy kitten. You would be wrong. She is rambunctious, curious, and now runs and jumps all over the house. She is an amazing leaper who rules the roost. She won’t even take crap from Winston who feels a perpetual need to sniff her backside until he gets a claw on the nose.

The mere fact that she laid so still for a day lets me know that she had a job to do – a divine appointment. She did it perfectly and now we will spend the rest of her life rewarding Eliza for her job performance. She is our baby now even though the last thing we need is another pet.

We all believe Winston is too stupid to realize this is a new cat because he hasn’t seen all three of them in the same room together. He probably just thinks one shrunk.

I wonder if we all have divine appointments at some time in our lives, but don’t sit still long enough to realize they are happening?


20 thoughts on “A Cat’s Divine Appointment

  1. I Can Definitely Relate To Divine Appts!! Some Are Bigger Than Others…And Not So Noticeable Till We Look Back And See The Incredible Work That God Has Done As A Result Of That Divine Appt. Our Most Recent Divine Appt’s Came In The Form Of 2 Incredible Young People Both Who Passed On To Their Greater Reward After Fighting A Valiant And Fearless Battle With Their Cancer. One Of Those Was A 13 Yr Old From Here In Columbus…Named Eli Boda. Eli Fought Strong Till The Very End When God Needed A Special Valentine On Feb. 14, 2015. Eli Has Taught My Son And I To See The Good In All Stephen’s Disappointments As He Faces His Own Medical Issues. Stephen Still Has A Lot Of Pain, And Most Recently Their Has Been A HUGE Setback With Stephen’s Lupus, And Juv. RA. But He No Longer Looks At His Illnesses As A Curse. He Sees Himself As Fortunate To Still Be Here And Not Have A Terminal Illness. The Other Incredible Young Person Was Your Daughter Kylie. Kylie Had An Incredible Strength That Lifted Everyone Up Around Her. Kylie’s Smile Was And Still Is A Huge Encouragement To Stephen. He Sees That If Kylie Can Smile And Sing, And Dance And Act Goofy All The Way To The End…Without Feeling Sorry For Herself…Than He Can Certainly Look At His Situation In A Different Light. Stephen Keeps Pictures Of Kylie And Eli On Our Refrigerator As A Daily Reminder To Check Himself And See That His Mindset Is Where It Should Be. He Now Realizes That His Attitude And Acceptance Of His Diseases Are Half His Battle. He Is Doing More To Help Others…He Has Always Volunteered At Our Local Animal Shelter..But It Was Always In Working With Dogs. But Lately He Has Adopted A Baby Kitten At The Facility That Follows Him Everywhere He Goes. They Have Decided That As Long As Stephen Volunteers…This Cat Is No Longer Available For Adoption. Stephen Named His Special Kitty #SmileyStrongForever 🙂 This Kitty Literally Looks Like She Is Smiling!! 🙂 Definitely Not Your Run Of The Mill GRUMPY CAT!! 🙂 Every Time Stephen Walks Through The Door Of The Shelter…Smiley Looks Up From Her Special Perch…And Jumps Down And Literally Entangles Herself Around Stephen’s Legs. It’s Pretty Funny Too…Because The Shelter Workers Originally Put Stephen With The Dogs Because Of His EXTREME Allergy To Cats. Stephen Has No Allergy Issues With Smiley 🙂 Even When Smiley Gets Completely Underfoot While Stephen Is Cleaning Out Cages, Bathing Dogs Etc…Stephen Has A Smile On His Face For This Smiley Kitty 🙂 When He Takes The Dogs Out For A Walk…Smiley Goes Right Along With Him. Stephen Says He Feels Like Kylie Is His Own Personal Angel Through This Smiley Kitty 🙂 So Yes…Kylie And Eli Were BOTH Stephen’s Divine Appt’s. They Both Showed Up Right When Stephen Needed Them! We Still Have Our Moments…But Walking By The Refrigerator Always Reminds Us Of How Grateful We Are That Stephen Is Still Here To Fight Another Day!!

  2. OMG, that is the most beautiful story I’ve ever read! Tears of joy! I believe that God surely had His hands in all of this… and still does. And I truly believe that Dolly’s presence in your house is like Kylie didn’t leave… her spirit just took on a different shape. God knew what your family needed to make it through… and He supplied!!!

  3. sometimes they are part of someone else’s story when YOU are that Devine Appointment and you’ll never know about it. Just like the kitty you got for Kylie…..

  4. That is a great story. Cats are smarter than we think and thank you for giving the kitten a great home. Maybe some of Kylie is with the cat. I used to foster with Angels and have rescued a dog from them. So also thank you from Angels of giving a pet a fur-ever home, Kylie is watching and laughing at how the kitty is running and jumping.

  5. Alta, such a pognant story. You know how I feel about animals. I love all seven of my cats…each has their own personality which makes life so interesting and heartwarming. God bless!!

  6. I am so sorry about Kylie’s passing. Her life was short, but her heart was filled with sweetness. Eliza was certainly a blessing to Kylie, but she is going to be an even greater blessing to you in the future. I hope that every time you see her you will remember that God loves Kylie and you and by small things, like a baby kitten, great things can become reality. You’ll see Kylie again. Families Can Be Together Forever.

  7. Mark,
    There are no words to describe the utter beauty and grace in this story. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Kylie….what a precious gift your beautiful Kylie had bestowed upon you. A love so rich…I just spent the entire evening reading her story and I am thankful that you shared your beautiful daughter with us. Fly high sweet baby girl…I am so so sorry for your loss and pain.

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