A Necessary Retraction

As a blogger who often writes about my family, I try hard not to embarrass anyone or reveal anything too personal. My goals are to inspire, amuse, enlighten, but never offend. It seems in my latest post I have done just that – and not to just anyone. I have offended the most important person in my life and home, my lovely wife.

For that, I am deeply sorry.

I want my blog to be a place of humor and comfort without dwelling on things controversial, political, or confrontational. I’m not that sort. But I am snarky. My mind always has a witty retort trolling around inside. In my younger days they just pushed their way out forcing me to live with the aftermath of the insult. Years have given me greater control and most of the time I can tighten my lips and laugh to myself while I consider whether the barb is worth the consequence. Most of the time… Read More