The Release of Missing Kylie

I am excited to announce the April 9th release of Missing Kylie!

What is it, you ask?

Missing Kylie is a compilation of my writing from Kylie’s diagnosis to the first anniversary of her death. Like everything I write, I have tried to mix laughter together with the heartache of cancer treatment and losing a child. You’ll smile some, cry more – and most importantly, I believe you will feel something while reading it. And despite what my macho side has told me all of these years, feelings are good.

The book contains short chapters, many of which started as blog posts, and it is divided into three sections: The Struggle, The Loss, and The Search for Meaning. Although it is organized chronologically, it is less a history of treatment and more a tango with God as I try to maintain my faith through the hardest two years any parent could imagine. Read More

Virgil Creech Rides a Pig

In other news about town, its been a very quiet release for the third and final book of the Portsong trilogy: Virgil Creech Rides a Pig. This one was written just before Kylie got sick and I only got to read her four chapters of it. Since our lives turned upside down, releasing the book just didn’t become the highest priority – but I am actually quite proud of it. I think it is a fine ending to the legend of Virgil Creech.

As with everything I write now, proceeds from the sale of this book will go toward Kylie’s mission of finding safer and more effective cures for childhood cancer.

Here is the book’s summary: Read More