Missing Kylie is Free on Kindle this weekend

Since the intent of Missing Kylie is to raise awareness for the need for safer & more effective cures for childhood cancer and to share Kylie’s faith, the Kindle version of will be free this weekend: August 12-14, 2016. Additionally, we have purchased an ad that we hope will lead to at least 20,000 downloads.

Please share, download your copy, and join us in praying that it gets into the right hands.







Grown-up fiction

I am insanely proud to announce the release of my first work of adult fiction, The Rabbit.

The Rabbit  was born out of the loss I experienced when my friend and mentor, Jack died six years ago. My beta reader was none other than Kylie who laughed and encouraged me all along the way. But I only thought I knew what loss was at that time. After Kylie died, my intimate knowledge of grief helped me to further develop my main character, Sam and the book into what it is today.

The Rabbit is a coming of age story that begins in the summer of Sam’s eighth year. He is a typical boy who loves summertime, baseball, and torturing his older sister. Sam and his best friend, Jeff share trials and laughter as they learn about their world together. But along with the good times of childhood, tragedy and grief enter Sam’s life far too early until a surprising and unique relationship helps to pull him from his emotional hole.

Climb inside the mind of a boy for the first time or relive your childhood while you romp through a decade in the life of Sam.

The Rabbit : A charming tale of love, loss, dirt and frogs.


Boys will be boys – and Sam Morgan is a good boy. In his own words:

“A majority of boys are given some degree of moral code. My parents gave me great instruction regarding right and wrong. I’ll not say that I rebelled against it, I simply meandered along the gray area. I’ve heard it said that most people draw a line of behavior. We try to keep ourselves on the right, or proper, side of the line. Over on the other side of the line is wrong behavior, which looks very appealing. So rather than fold our arms and turn our backs on wrong behavior, we put our toes as close to the line as we can get them and lean over the line as far as possible. Naturally, we fall across the line we’ve drawn into the behavior we had set our minds to avoid. So it was with me. I constantly found myself crossing the line and being disciplined for it (when I got caught.)

Yes, I was a good boy – but I don’t mean ‘good’ in a virtuous sense. I mean that I was good at being a boy in a proficient or competent way. And if I was good at being a boy, I was technically excellent at being a little brother.”

The Rabbit is available on Amazon.com:

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