Missing Kylie is Free on Kindle this weekend

Since the intent of Missing Kylie is to raise awareness for the need for safer & more effective cures for childhood cancer and to share Kylie’s faith, the Kindle version of will be free this weekend: August 12-14, 2016. Additionally, we have purchased an ad that we hope will lead to at least 20,000 downloads.

Please share, download your copy, and join us in praying that it gets into the right hands.







15 thoughts on “Missing Kylie is Free on Kindle this weekend

  1. I spend too much time on a computer to believe looking a screen qualifies as reading a book. 😉 I bought the book version and shared the Kindle link on my FB. Praying for amazing results.

  2. Reblogged this on Just me being curious and commented:
    Anyone who knows Mark Myers knows Kylie. Or at least we like to think we do. The truth for me is that I know a father’s love. And despair. And pain. And laughter. And tears. And through all of those through Mark I know Kylie. Just a little.
    Mark is what I call a reader’s writer. He writes just for me. Not you – or you over there. He connects me to him. I see other comments that say we all feel that way.
    And THAT is why I have just downloaded Mark’s book – yes it’s free (but I have paid for another title) – but it’s “Mark”! And I want to get to know Kylie a little better.
    How about you?

    (comments here disabled as always with a reblog, please add a comment at Mark’s place – thank you)

  3. Mark, just clicked over to Amazon and downloaded the Kindle version. Thank you. Thank you for taking us through your raw and honest journey with Kylie. Thank you for allow us into your heart. Thank you for introducing us to your brave and beautiful and optimistic daughter. And thank you for showing to those of us who didn’t have the kind of father you are that there exists fathers like you in the world.

    I pray blessings of comfort and kindness to you, Robin and the girls. ❤

  4. Reblogged this on From The Koala Tree and commented:
    Today is the last day kindle folks can download Missing Kylie for free. A collection of journal entries, letters and blog posts written by Mark and the rest of Kylie’s family throughout Kylie’s battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma, and the year after she died and dealing with the loss of Kylie and continuing her wonderful Smiley legacy. Please do share, and read it. 🙂

  5. I was told about this book through an old friend OJ Greene. His daughter Peyton was diagnosed at 2years old. Since I have learned about this ugly monster called “Childhood Cancer” I have now and will never stop asking for more research money. I wish I knew how to tell our rec. department here that yes October is breast cancer awareness but, we are here for our children/grandchildren and September is Childhood Cancer awareness and WE need to do more for our kids!

    1. Absolutely right. The pink movement has done great things and now its our turn. I think there is a common misconception that sick kids get better. People don’t realize that kids are dying and even if they live they are debilitated. Thank you for joining the fight, Marcie.

      1. I wanted to thank you so much for your stats and other info that will print out and take to the President of our Rec. Department so that I have proof that when you are involved especially in children’s activities that Breast cancer pink has nothing to do with the children who participate in these programs.I wish I could do more and Pray each day they come up with better medicines and treatments for children.

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