Worth it!

How often do you take a leap, whether big or small, and wonder if it was worth it? Quick returns are a desirable bonus, but they rarely seem to come. Most of the time we take a risk without knowing how long the payoff will take or if it will come at all.

But sometimes…. sometimes this God we serve will show up to validate.

I took a little risk. Don’t get me wrong, it was a tiny one in the grand scope of things.

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Missing Kylie is Free on Kindle this weekend

Since the intent of Missing Kylie is to raise awareness for the need for safer & more effective cures for childhood cancer and to share Kylie’s faith, the Kindle version of will be free this weekend: August 12-14, 2016. Additionally, we have purchased an ad that we hope will lead to at least 20,000 downloads.

Please share, download your copy, and join us in praying that it gets into the right hands.