The Curious Demise of Old Red

I enjoy reading reaction to things I have written. I got a very sweet email from a women last week who closed with something to the effect of: Obviously I don’t expect a response as you wouldn’t have time to reply to all of these kind of messages. I replied… I dream of a day when I have people to handle my correspondence. But not that much going on. I have no people… yet.

Sometimes the feedback surprises me, though. Three weeks ago I posted Old Red is Not Dead. I optimistically expected laughs because while I may be in the minority, I think I’m hilarious. What I didn’t expect was an outpouring of support for the old girl. It seems that a good many people ascribe feelings to inanimate objects and felt sorry for Old Red’s condition. I’ve seen Cars, Toy Story, and The Brave Little Toaster. But I don’t subscribe to the belief that things have feelings or are any more than things. Sorry Pixar. Read More