Three Here, One Home

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers! Even though I know this day will bring some pain, I wish an especially joyous day to the wonderful lady I helped to become a mother. I have never seen a better one. I have also never seen one cry so much and although I am not the cause of (most of) the tears, I am sorry for that.

Please allow me a moment to brag on my wife. We have never had a large budget, but whatever she could invest, she put into building our home – not the physical structure but the walls of love that hold us up. Home has always been a safe place for our girls – a refuge. It is a place where they feel free to be themselves. They played pretend, dressed up, built blanket forts, made crafts, held concerts, snuggled, read, stayed in jammies all day, ate chocolate breakfasts, taught each other school, colored, and made wonderful make-believe worlds filled with Barbies, princesses, and unicorns. Sometimes they even fought – but they always made up. The home she built is a beautiful sanctuary to the mean world that lies outside our little acreage.


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Dear Kylie… Love, Mommy

Dear precious Kylie,

I have thought for weeks about what to say to you, in fact I’ve said most of it to you already since I talk to you all the time. The written word has always held a huge place in my life. My career has been words. But ever since you got sick they have all dried up inside me. It’s as if the agony has just been too much, and I haven’t really wanted to write it down to stare back at me in the hard reality of black and white.

But here I sit, in a quiet room, without your voice drifting to me from some other part of the house. Without your smile lighting up the room. Without your head nestled on my shoulder. Without your laughter lifting my spirits. Without your hand grasping mine. And even without words it is all too real. Read More