The Real Fiction

I got a fourth email about Portsong. This one came from someone who lives in Georgia and tried to find it on a map. So I thought I needed to come clean. You won’t find it on a map unless you pencil it there. Portsong is fictional, simply the setting for a book. I tried to make it a nice Southern place, full of kind people and ample charm – a front porch with rocking chairs on every home kind of place. There are ideals I added that like to think are real – simplicity, community, trust, faith, friendship, and hard work. It is much easier to write in those ideals than find them sometimes. I used the tagline “Halfway between Savannah and Heaven,” and I suppose it is actually closer to Heaven.

The picture I use is one of those old-fashion postcards I got from a very nice gentleman in Hawaii who owns Ye Olde Postcard Shop. It is actually Main Street in Middletown, CT.


So I won’t trick any newcomers who stumble here, I’ve split my About page into two. Now there is an About Me and an About Portsong.

I am the mayor of nothing but dreams – and sometimes those run roughshod over me. I hate politics and wouldn’t win an election because I would assuredly say something stupid in a debate. In real life, I sell stuff and try to herd my family.

There, my disclosure is complete now. I feel much better.

15 thoughts on “The Real Fiction

      1. Great concept by the way. Maybe this can be like that town in Ireland that only appears once every 100 years. Don’t forget, you have an IT guy in Portsong now.
        A Servant

      2. Revisionist history. The movies do it all the time with their 21st century immorality trashing historical moments in time. Point taken however. I guess I’m out.

  1. lol. I had wondered if it was a real place or fictional. Also, if you were really the mayor or not. hehehe.
    “It is much easier to write in those ideals than find them sometimes”
    –Oh yes, I hear you. Loud and clear.

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