What Jesus Didn’t Do

Yesterday we attended a dedication of some benches at the local high school. Our freshman daughter wanted to support a friend whose brother died last year. I’m proud of her for asking to be woken up on a Saturday. I am equally proud of about a hundred kids who got up early to celebrate with this boy’s family. They even put their phones in their pockets for twenty minutes! It was heartwarming.

There are times when you think you are doing something for someone else and God has different plans. I thought I was going out of respect, but I was deeply moved by the event. We can uniquely and unfortunately sympathize with parents who have lost a child. While we have so many questions about Kylie’s death, as the parents of a child who took his own life, they have more. None will ever be answered, but we can navigate storms together.

A young man named Darren, who is a student pastor at North Point Church, opened and briefly discussed John 11:35. Brief is the right word for it. The shortest verse in the Bible and a favorite of young boys everywhere who are forced to memorize scripture.

Jesus Wept

(I would add a translation note, but I think it is all of them. In fact, this might be the only one that scholars agree on.)

People most often try to theorize why Jesus wept. Was it because he loved Lazarus? Did he weep for the mourning sisters? Or did he cry because Lazarus was experiencing the perfection of heaven and he was about to pull him back. There is no knowing the answer and I am frankly tired of unanswerable questions.

Darren didn’t make an attempt at an explanation. What he touched on wasn’t why he wept, he talked about what Jesus didn’t do. Brilliant! WWJD has become an iconic acronym, yet here we have an example of WJDD.

Even though he is the God of comfort, he did NOT give it.

Jesus Wept

Although he is the all-knowing God, he did NOT give an explanation of why it happened.

Jesus Wept

In that instant, he did NOT tell them what was going to happen.

Jesus Wept

He did NOT provide answers, even though he was the only one privy to them.

Jesus Wept

He participated in their sorrow and just cried. Before his God nature took over, Jesus allowed his human self to grieve with the sisters. Beautiful Tears.


jesus wept


Let that be a lesson to us. The next time someone in your life is going through heartache, loss, or sorrow, remember that words will almost always fail and there will be time for action later. Take a cue from what Jesus didn’t do and simply weep with them.

20 thoughts on “What Jesus Didn’t Do

  1. Thank you for this. A recent tragedy here in my small hometown has left many unanswered questions and sadness. There will be a prayer group today at the site and I’ve been reluctant to participate because of my own questions and pain. I shall go and practice WJDD today. Thank you.

      1. As my family prays for yours as well. We have followed your story and have learned many lessons and drawn closer to our faith as a result. Thank you.

  2. amen – your words a truly a blessing to those who mourn – I think that is how God has blessed you in your loss of Kylie – the ability to bless others who mourn! God bless you and all who mourn!

    1. This is so perfect, and says so much. Words are often lacking at times like this. Rejoice with those who rejoice, grieve with those who grieve. Might be better than a hug, truly a personal melding of spirits.

  3. Reblogged this on Susan Irene Fox and commented:
    As Mark Myers so poignantly writes, “The next time someone in your life is going through heartache, loss, or sorrow, remember that words will almost always fail and there will be time for action later. Take a cue from what Jesus didn’t do and simply weep with them.”

    He knows.

  4. Hi Mark I’m a PCS Dad and I often run laps around the property at Perimeter. It’s a great running route by the way. Every time I pass the pavilion where Kylie’s fundraiser was I think about Kylie and thank God for her and pray for your family. I am moved to tears almost every time. I also serve as an Elder at Perimeter and have learned how to better grieve with those I minister to through you.

  5. WOW!! I Don’t Have Many Words. But What I Can Say Is This…I ALWAYS REVERSE Those Initials Of WWJD…And I Make It DJWW….DEVIL JUST WON’T WIN!!!! In Kylie’s Case Like EVERY Other…The Devil Didn’t Win…Jesus Did…Because While Kylie May Not Be Alive In The Flesh To Tell Her Story…She IS VERY MUCH ALIVE In Your Hearts…And Through The Promise That You Made To Kylie…To Continue To Carry Her Message And To Take Care Of Liza…She Is Still Speaking With That Beautiful Voice…From Heaven. So…. DEVIL JUST WON’T WIN!! DJWW

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