A Very Airmail Christmas 2015: Introducing our honouree…

Kylie loved Christmas and I’m humbled that people will send Christmas cards in her honor.

From The Koala Tree


For the last three Christmases my friend Rebecca has organised something called A Very Airmail Christmas. Started in 2012 to fulfil a patient’s wish that everyone would send a Christmas card to a stranger, we have continued doing this in honour of a different person each year. This year we will be doing it in honour of a young lady who loved Christmas. Coincidentally I was introduced to this incredible girl by the foundation set up in the legacy of last year’s honouree, Anna Basso. You may know her as Smiley Kylie. I will pass over to Kylie’s father now, to let him introduce you to her…


Kylie Myers was a sweet and talented girl who loved art, her friends, music, and all things related to the stage. At the age of ten, she blew everyone away with her performance as Annie and set her sights on a Broadway future.

During the…

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