No Good Choice

A decision must be made.

Not to choose, in reality, is a choice.

There are times when we must give due consideration to the options and just make a decision.

Sometimes it is an easy choice that doesn’t require effort. The benefits of one side or the drawbacks of the other make the right selection obvious. Those are the good times. I yearn for those times where everything lines up neatly and with a clear conscious we can make the choice and move on our merry way.

But that rarely seems to happen.

In fact, most of the time the decision is murky. Choices are hard because we can’t see the future. We have to use the limited information available and make the best decision possible without the benefit of infallible foresight. We stand at the fork and look down both paths, but each road turns off in the distance and the way is blocked by bushy undergrowth. We simply can’t tell which way is best. Both routes to the destination could involve pitfalls, some potentially fatal, and we go to the right or to the left and then hope for the best.

Of course, ethics and morals come into play – at least they should. We want to choose that which aligns with our beliefs and at the same time, yields the best outcome. And ethics can be a slippery slope because mine and yours may not be the same. But in this instance we are talking about my choice – one man, one vote, as it were. So my ethics rule.

Unless they don’t. I mean, I could be completely wrong. It has happened before – at least once back in 1985. That was a seriously bad haircut!

But this time, there is just no good choice.

I am truly confounded that after sorting through every potential option and looking at all of the issues – these are the two that are left. I mean, are these really the best two? Is this all we have to offer.

Yet I must choose. I must decide which is best. I have to pull the proverbial lever and live with that decision for the rest of my life. I think I’m getting an ulcer over this one. With all of the debate swirling and mudslinging, I just don’t know what to do.

My lovely wife always struggles making a decision. She rarely comes to a resolute answer when confronted with a need to choose. She vacillates and wavers and ultimately would prefer that someone just choose for her. But on a decision of such magnitude, everyone must decide for them self. This choice has her befuddled also.

There is just no good choice.

And when I think I have it all figured out and I am finished, I wonder: what if my choice is wrong? What if I pick and it turns out detrimental to society? Can I live with myself then?

What would you do?

When confronted with these two pictures of me as a boy, which would you choose for a bio I must submit?



See? There really is no good choice.

Oh, wait… Did you think I was talking about an election of a different sort? Sorry, I don’t do politics here. You’re on your own for that one… good luck.


25 thoughts on “No Good Choice

  1. Option 2 – it looks more scholarly because you are least have books in your hand.

    Option 1 looks like you are about to head to Al’s used car lot for your next day of work selling a jalopy to some poor soul.

    Let us know the final results after you count all the absentee ballots.

  2. Anyone who would choose an elephant is a witless brainwashed ninny. Around here we are all donkey people. Donkeys are noble beasts and reflect their nobility upon us and our children.

    Elephants on the other hand….. I can’t go on, I just get so angry

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. You are SO clever!
    Seriously, Mark. I was in knots reading your post…your words reflected so many of my own. Then this…

    “And when I think I have it all figured out and I am finished, I wonder: what if my choice is wrong? What if I pick and it turns out detrimental to society? Can I live with myself then?” That is SO me!

    And then in true Portsong fashion (I was waiting for it), you pulled out the zinger at the end.

    Let’s just say I was waaaay more comfortable making a choice on your boyhood photo than I will be on November 8 (or…is that November 28??)

  4. Those trousers help me understand better how you developed your unique wonderful sense of humour! As for politics – you are indeed on your own (although I suspect soon after we will all be in it together).

  5. It’s November 35th, according to SNL!!! OH! My vote….Elegant Elephant or Dapper Donkey….hmmmm, so so difficult!

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