Our Mutual Rescue

We were thrilled to be chosen for this film that details the relationship between Kylie, Liza, and Robin (known here on my blog as LW – my lovely wife). They did a beautiful job bringing the story to life and sharing Kylie’s joy in spite of her circumstances.


I am credited only as Butt-Shaking Man #2, but that’s okay. I have learned in this life that sometimes it isn’t about me.

28 thoughts on “Our Mutual Rescue

  1. What a beautiful film – and what an honor for your daughter. Animals are the best things ever! And they DO know how to calm someone, soothe someone, soften the pain. Thank you for sharing this – and for sharing your daughter and your family with all of us.

  2. I could not love this more. What a wonderful way to shine a light on the bond between people and animals and to raise awareness for childhood cancer and homeless pets. Such a special little girl. If only everyone had a fraction of her compassion and joy….

      1. You really wouldn’t know that was outside her comfort zone at all from the film. It’s just all so beautifully told. Made me cry – and I already knew the story! You, Kendall and Jenna spoke so well too, and so lovely to see those little snippets of your youngest girl. She just continues leave her imprint on this earth.

      2. It was filmed when Meredith was studying abroad. She said she was sad to have missed it and we told her she was going to be in it as much as us!

  3. Yes, please pass the tissues! Thank you Mark for sharing. You have a beautiful family and Liza is one beautiful cat, sent directly to you and your family from God!!!

    1. And once again, Kylie has ministered to me and God has used a little kitten to remind me of the importance of unconditional love. Where will this film be shown?

  4. Tears,hurt,memories,understand some, sadness,joy for where they are at,lonley,pouting. Blessings and peace to you and your family for the kingdom of God has come near to you.

    Much love Tom

    PS our kids are beautiful thanks

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