Name This!

Tonight’s game is Name That Product –  where we try and guess the name of an item Walmart thinks I need. I truly have no idea what it is, but it was in my newsfeed.

My entries are:

Not your mamma’s Chastity Belt



Best answer wins nothing but a digital pat on the back.



9 thoughts on “Name This!

  1. I was about to guess it’s for someone very, VERY uptight or unfun but then the drawstring would be on the other side! Or they could be mannequin panties.

  2. Had no idea what it might be, so I looked up the description on Wal-mart’s page. (Was that cheating? 🙂 ) Do y’all have a poodle? The rest of the description on my Wal-mart page was “Pet Poodle Waist Diaper Pants XS”! I guess the hole is for the tail? 🙂

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