100 Reasons To Not Kill Yourself: #68 (Guest Post).

I’m proud to call Robert a friend. I started reading his blog – The Bellman Chronicles for a good laugh. His writing and comedic style are impeccable. Recently, he lost a friend to suicide and has made it his mission to help others struggling with their mental health. I respect that. He is in the middle of a series called “100 reasons not to kill yourself” and asked me to contribute. I was happy and honored to do so. It’s a good thing you’re doing, my friend.

You've Been Hooked!

Rules, much like that bird house I blew up with a “homemade firecracker” when I was a kid, were made to be broken, and so today I’m turning the blogging reins over to the phenomenal Mark Myers, a blogger and human being whose magnificence I am incapable of doing justice with my meager talents so you can read about him and his amazing familyhere.

Mark’s blog is called,“A Generous Helping (Of Laughter & Tears)”and the man is just as generous as the name implies. Please, read his words carefully and take from them what you will.

And what you need.

The Hole

I once had a writing assignment to develop a tall tale. I centered my story around the existing legendary characters of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Babe.

In summary: Paul and Babe were wandering out west looking for trees and found themselves in…

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