Birth and New Friends

I’ve been trying to think about what Virgil would be thankful for and tweeting about it this week.  (If you missed out, you are most welcome to follow him @VirgilCreech)

  1. Bugs for sure!  They’re slimy, dirty, have weird numbers of legs and eyes AND are perfect for scaring girls
  2. The Holy Trinity of boys – Filth in all three forms: Mud, dirt, and dust.
  3. Black eyes and fat lips – that’s boy make-up and nothing makes you look better

First Cover

The list goes on, but you get the point.  His thanks are as shallow as he is.  Me, I’m not much more complex. I’m thankful for my wife and four girls.  They make my life interesting, fun, and often tense.  I can’t imagine a day without them.  In September, I launched my book after sitting on it for a long time.  (The cover art for this post was a thoughtful gift from my youngest two daughters, Jenna & Kylie.)  If I wasn’t a more seasoned husband, I would say I birthed the book.  But having been in the delivery room four times, twice when I didn’t get there in time for an epidural, I won’t use that comparison.

I felt pretty nervous about putting it out there for critique.  After all, a book is perfect before someone else reads and critiques it.  The reception from friends and family has been overwhelming.  I’ve also had the honor of meeting new friends through the process, which makes the experience even more wonderful.  If you’ve read this far, I’m thankful for YOU, friend!  Page hits are nice, readers are better.  So I add that to my thankful pile – new friends.  And I feel very content.

Make sure to come back for Virgil’s big announcement December 1st – Virgil Gives Back.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving wherever you are.

God Bless,


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