Pride and Dog Poop

After a rainy Saturday, the weather here is nice today.  So I went to our local greenway for an eight miler.  I’m not in marathon shape at present, but I’m still  running a few times a week.  Anyway, the greenway runs through some very low lying, swampy areas and can be extremely wet after a good rain.

On this occasion, there were patches of ice on the boardwalk that nearly caused me to slide.  I made it through fine and got about a 1/2 mile away when I saw a gaggle of women runners coming my direction.  I quickly wiped the snot and slobber off of my face and straightened my form to show off my best running posture before they got too close.  Just as I was about to gallantly warn them about the icy conditions, my left foot hit a pile of dog poop carelessly left on the trail.

So instead of being a heroic herald to these ladies, I was comedic relief.  Oh, it didn’t end with a small slide.  I gave them a full highlight reel of Shaggy and ScoobyDoo slipping on a banana peel and nearly knocked a couple of them over as my 210 lb frame came barreling through.

So even before church today, I learned two things:

1.  A man’s pride shall bring him low…    (Proverbs 29:23)

2.  People really should clean up after their pets.  These stands are out there every 1/2 mile or so.


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