The Holy Trinity of Boys

Passing over the bridge to the park Saturday, I heard laughter mixed with threats from the creek below. It took a few steps to get a view of the action between the dense limbs forming a canopy above the slow moving water. But what I saw brought an instant smile to my face: a real, knockdown, drag-out mudfight.


Four shirtless combatants

No distinct sides or teams

Eight handfuls of muck and sludge, ducking, slinging, flailing away.

Goo and gunk flying in every direction.

Filthy joy pigs would be proud of.

The Holy Trinity of Boys – Filth in all three forms: Dirt, Mud, & Dust


One Mom – a lax referee, sat on the bank chuckling along. I wanted to take a picture of the fun, but was afraid to be labelled some sort of park whacko. So I just watched, a little jealous of them, wondering if I could have been as cool a parent to sons. Would I let my boys get that dirty, despite the inconvenience of taking them home? Or if I had boys, would I be more worried about the cleanliness, my car seats, and the waste of time?

(Nah, I’m pretty sure my shirt would have been on the bank with theirs…but who knows.)

I don’t know who you are, lady. All I know is; you are the official Mother of the Weekend. You get no award besides the joy you allowed your boys. But that’s enough.

Artwork credit: Harold W. Olsen (

12 thoughts on “The Holy Trinity of Boys

  1. “I don’t know who you are, lady. All I know is; you are the official Mother of the Weekend.”

    Hear, hear!! I second the motion!!

    Let boys be boys and if they get dirty, remember why God invented garden hoses. Well, maybe God didn’t actually invent the garden hose per se… but I am sure the inventor had a lot of inspiration and maybe even a gaggle of mud-slinging boys.

  2. That’s great. My husband always said, pre-kids, “My son’s going to be raised in the mud”. play is kid’s work. Let them get dirty. It’s great for developing anti-bodies too. I know my son sure did, after walking the streets of Jaipur, India at 18 months old and then sticking his sandal in his mouth….. Of course he got diarrhea. Returning to Brazil, the doctor didn’t even get any worm tests done. He just automatically prescribed him anti worm medication. hahahahaha.

    1. Haha. Boys will get dirty and sick and sometimes broken. It’s all part of growing up. Most of the time, we learn what tastes good and what doesn’t as we grow up. That’s very funny, and I agree with your husband.

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