A Bastion of Good Advice

It’s a word! And not to be confused with another of similar sound (most of the time).

Late in my daughter’s senior year, I was given the task of sharing advice as she headed to college. I believe I offered sound, excellent advice that is good for anyone who is forced into a new situation.

I humbly submit my advice:



The best way to deal with the problems of life after high school by sharing them with intimate friends.  Making friends who won’t

a) drag you down,  or

b) be a complete time and emotional drain.

This can be hard.

Your mother isn’t good at these things, so I’m going to give you some advice that has helped me through many new beginnings.  First, you have to identify a friend target.  Look for someone with whom you may have things in common and approach cautiously.  Once within range, start a generic conversation.  If you get those initial, warm feelings that they might be suitable as a friend, loosen up and fart.  It doesn’t have to be a chair-rattler – just a little shooter.  If they act startled and remove themselves from your company, they weren’t meant for you.  If they are unfazed or better yet, laugh with you, you might have the makings of a friend.

The next step to further test your friendship is to pick a conspicuous moment about a week later and up the ante with another fart, building some resonance and duration to the effort.  (It would be best to have some broccoli or chili the evening prior to the second salvo to add smell, really testing their resolve.)  If at this point, you haven’t run the poor kid off, you may just have the beginnings of a wonderful friendship – the kind you’ll need to weather the storms of life.


Of course, farting is an allegory for sharing feelings of fear, doubt, uncertainty, homesickness, loneliness, and/or angst. Either will work for this exercise, but farting is by far funnier and more memorable. Think about the stories you’ll have looking back on your very first encounter. Good luck.

Remember we are always here for you, but we know the face you make when you’re gassy.



Now you may consider the other word…

8 thoughts on “A Bastion of Good Advice

  1. Farting is an excellent metaphor for sharing feelings of fear, doubt, uncertainty, homesickness, loneliness, and/or angst. I first try both my farts and issues with Scooter, my dog. If he leaves the room, I know I have gone too far.

  2. great fatherly advice – even more noteworthy for the use of a picture from animal house! 🙂

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