Worth it!

How often do you take a leap, whether big or small, and wonder if it was worth it? Quick returns are a desirable bonus, but they rarely seem to come. Most of the time we take a risk without knowing how long the payoff will take or if it will come at all.

But sometimes…. sometimes this God we serve will show up to validate.

I took a little risk. Don’t get me wrong, it was a tiny one in the grand scope of things.

Front CoverI’ve been very pleased with the reception of Missing Kylie. In a way, I feel like this book is our little seed – Kylie’s and mine. With it, I hope to sow childhood cancer awareness and faith. Sales and reviews have been good, but I know that most of these are from our childhood cancer community, friends, and those who already knew Kylie’s story. In order to really sow seeds, I need to get it beyond that group and into new soil. So prayerfully, I decided to make the Kindle version free for a weekend. Not only that, I bought an advertisement that promised an average of 17,000 downloads. It wasn’t extremely costly, but we do live on a budget. Again, a small leap.



In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, that’s when God showed up.


On the Monday before it started, I announced the free promotion on social media. Thirty impatient souls went ahead and downloaded the book, offsetting half of the ad’s cost. Thanks guys!

More importantly, as the ad rolled out it got downloaded 26,110 times! Now I’m not naïve enough to believe that all of those people will read it. I realize that many hoard free books and download them only because they are free. However, it represents 26,110 seeds plunked into the ground (actually 26,140 when you add my buyer friends.)

Then, something happened. I started to get messages that encouraged me and let me know that seeds were taking root. A dozen new reviews popped up. People were actually reading it and it was impacting their hearts. Of the many messages I have already received, this one (used with permission) touched me deeply:


“I am just about finished with your amazing tribute book to your precious daughter. It has transformed me. I promise to “dance” more with my kids. I promise to help fight childhood cancer by donating and making others aware. I also promise to never forget Kylie. Though I never met her, there is no way I will ever forget her beautiful smile, love for others, or her unwavering faith in the face of even her own death. What a gift she was, perhaps even truly a real angel, sent to teach us all how to live.”


Um, yeah… That would make Kylie smile. Whatever else may happen, this particular scattering of seeds has been worth it.



*** Feature image is Kylie giving the thumbs up while moisturizing my bald head with her invention: Bald Buddy Cream





17 thoughts on “Worth it!

  1. I downloaded the book on my Kindle and I read it on the weekend. I will never forget Kylie and I do appreciate you sharing her with me. I will be praying for you in your fight to get research for childhood cancer. I had no idea there was so little being done for children who have this terrible disease. Thank you for the free download to Kindle. I have shared on Facebook and will continue to share with others. God bless you and your family.

  2. Wow just WOW!!! I bought my books, giving them as gifts to friends and Drs. I never knew Kylie either but between your posts and your book, I received a glimpse of the Warrior, she was. As a person, who has spent time, spreading awareness of Childhood Cancer, its’ devastating effects on children and their families, the inadequate money going to research and the fact that it is not Rare, especially if our own child receives this diagnosis, it is heartwarming to think of Kylie planting seeds with your book, ” MISSING KYLIE. Thanks Mark to you and your family for being forces in this community who continue to care about awareness for others. We are only strong if we are united to bring an end to this beast called CHILDHOOD CANCER🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗

  3. I downloaded it and also posted the link for the free download on the Christian Grieving Mothers Facebook page of which I am a member. I’m halfway through reading it. I absolutely loved “A Cancer Dad’s Psalm 13.” As always, though I never wish this kind of grief on my worst enemy, I am grateful for the amazing group of people I’ve met the last five years. Along with many others, though I never met Kylie, I won’t forget her. #smileyforkylie ((hugs))

    1. Thank you, Angie. I agree, I would never wish this on anyone. But I hope I can help somebody along the way since I’ve been drafted. I’m sorry you’re in the club too ((hugs)).

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