In Triumph and Tragedy

I’m humbled and honored to see this shared by my friend, Brandon. This is a pretty raw and real peek into my faith journey after the loss of Kylie. I was so proud to be able to share it with a lot of her friends. “When God says No, Add Letters.”

Cross Section

What do you do when your walls come tumbling down? What happens when life does not go your way, and it seems like God has vanished from the scene?

This week, I’d like to share a message with you from a man named Mark Myers. He spoke on a Wednesday night to the youth ministry at my home church. Many of you reading this now may know his story, but over a year ago, his daughter, Kylie, went to be with the Lord after defeating cancer.

It might sound somewhat paradoxical to say that Kylie defeated cancer when, in the end, the disease wound up taking her physical life. Yet, from the stories that I have heard about her battle (some of which can be heard in the message below), Kylie refused to let the physical torment of her bout with cancer rattle her faith in Christ or her belief that God…

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5 thoughts on “In Triumph and Tragedy

  1. So powerful. Before I listened to this message today, I ran across a quote which I had written down and saved from “Missing Kylie” which stuns me in its depth and wisdom. Kylie said, “and the beauty and light in the worst of it, is the prettiest and most blinding.” I read it to my husband and we both wept. It sucks that Kylie had to acquire that wisdom but what a blessed gift her wisdom is. The Willbrand family still prays for you, Robin, Meredith, Jenna and Kendall. Thank you for your willingness to share your pain.

    I know that I’ve asked this before, and you answered me…but, sometimes I do something goofy and I lose messages. So, I’m asking again….what is the fund that you have established in Kylie’s honor?

    Lisa Willbrand

    1. Yes, it does suck that she had to gain it that way. But she had an amazing way of seeing positive in anything. Smiley for Kylie is a non-profit now dedicated to finding a cure. You can check it out and donate at

  2. So beautiful to watch x I felt like I got to know you more just by watching you speak about your faith & your beautiful family. I’m going to read your book one day

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