Words for the Ones Who Are Next

An incredible message of hope from a dear friend of my eldest daughter whose father is fighting cancer.

Madison Garrett

I hate that I have to write this.

I hate that there is a next.

I hate that three of my dearest friends from high school have at one point been that next.

I hate that I became one too.

I hate that I know what it’s like and I hate that you now know what it’s like.

I hate that the words “You have cancer” probably slipped from a doctor’s mouth today and maybe you had to hear them for the first time.

Maybe you never thought you would hear them.

Maybe life is suddenly different and darker and heavier than you thought it was before.

BUT You.

You who are next and didn’t know you would be next and never wanted to be next…

You are fierce.

And this has no power over you.

I know it seems like it does, but you don’t have to let it.

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4 thoughts on “Words for the Ones Who Are Next

  1. Reading the entire blog and listening to the music I praise God that inspiration didn’t end with the 66 books of the Bible. He continues to inspire and we are blessed.

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