Engagement & Dog Latin

Big excitement around here. My nephew asked his girlfriend to marry him.  And she said yes!  As Michael Bond said about Paddington, he never does things by halves.  Thanks to the good folks at North Point Community Church, his proposal will be hard to beat.  If you have a few minutes, check this out, it is spectacular.

His fiancée is a very sweet, beautiful young lady who also happens to be a Latin scholar.  The concept of studying a dead language intrigues me, so I am spending some time learning phrases in Dog Latin.  If you’re not familiar with the term, you’re not alone.  But after pulling some out, I figured out why they call it Dog Latin.  Here are some expressions you can learn to annoy any Latin scholar around you:

semper ubi sub ubi  (always where under where)

utinam barbari spatium proprium tuum invadant  (may barbarians invade your personal space)

potential vobiscum  (may the force be with you)

mendax mendax tuum baccare flagare  (liar, liar, pants on fire)

I think the reason they call it Dog Latin is that when you reel off some of it, the phrases aren’t structured correctly, but contain enough Latin to pique a scholar’s interest.  So they tilt their heads like my lab, Winston when I’m holding out a treat.


I find it unfortunate that Lacey never experienced the “joy” of a little brother.  Since I was such a good one and my pal, Virgil Creech is a whiz at it too, we’ve decided to step in and harass her in little ways.  So while I’m studying more of these type of useless phrases simply to annoy her, I’ll offer Scott & Lacey a big congratulations and leave you with one last piece of advice:

Vir purdens non contraventum mingit  (a wise man doesn’t urinate against the wind)

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