The King’s Castle

As a dad, it’s hard to know if the lessons you are trying to impart on your children are sinking in. At those teachable moments, when I have an opportunity to set an example, I always wonder if they are watching. Did they pay attention? Did that really sink in – not surface level but heart-deep?  Case in point, Mrs. P is out of town with the oldest two, which leaves me driving the 9.4 mind-numbing miles to school for a few days. Yesterday I had only the 13 year-old with me for a few miles. As we discussed the Friday schedule, it dawned on her that she would have a couple of hours at home alone. I let that sink in because only a few years ago, being alone in any room would have terrified her. But she has matured greatly of late, so I didn’t get a look of panic or any reaction at all – just that blank, teenage stare…until, a devious little smile rolled over her face as she declared, “I’m not going to wear pants.” yogi_bear_show_02

Of all the things she could do alone, that’s what she chose!

I suppose only the pets will know if she follows through. As for me, I need a tissue <sniff>

I have always said, “A man’s home is his castle and the king can do whatever he wants in his castle.” Mostly I say that to defend something stupid I’ve done at home, but at least one of them is paying attention! <sniff> I couldn’t be prouder.

Happy Friday from Portsong!

12 thoughts on “The King’s Castle

  1. Awwwww, that’s so sweet. And I love the devious smile and happiness about now wearing pants. Classic.
    Yes, our children do grow up. All of a sudden, from out of nowhere, a certain independence comes over them and we, as parents, are no longer sooooo needed. Like to be there because she’s scared to be along.
    Nice post and very sweet.

  2. I love being a dad more and more every day because truth be told, every day the kids become more their own person.

    As for not wearing pants, I get that from the Mrs all the time. She keeps reminding me that I am not alone. I am not really sure what that has to do with anything but if she feels strongly about me wearing pants when company comes over, I’ll humor her.

    1. I’m starting a movement and you are the perfect candidate. #NoPants2021 – a year without pants. Stocking up on kilts and other non-bifurcated clothing. C’mon, join the movement!

      1. I’ll consider your offer – but I promised the cartoon-t-shirt party that I’d cross the border into Iowa to campaign for them.

        We hold many of the same values but I don’t want to be accused of flip-flopping between no-pants and cartoon-t-shirts. A fella has got to protect his integrity, you know.

      2. I totally get that – just consider it, it’s a long way away. Just remember, a kilt looks good with a cartoon t-shirt, so the two might not be mutually exclusive.

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