Don’t Poke a Sleeping Teen

Our eldest has been dealing with the big college decision along with a several disappointments during her senior year. I came home the other night and just felt the urge to pray with her. Being a teen, she spends most of her time in her ultra-neat and clean room, so I knocked and got a quiet reply.

When I opened the door, the light was off. She had obviously been sleeping, but she looked at me and talked quite coherently. I sat on the edge of the bed and told her what I wanted. She agreed and laid back while I beseeched God for wisdom and direction for her. I am not a deep prayer and my words don’t string together poetically like some folks I’ve been around. I love hearing someone like that pray, though. You sometimes feel like you’ve been taken to the very throne room of God. I wish I could be that eloquent. Since I’m not, I pray like the simple child that I am.


It was a very sweet time. I couldn’t help reminisce about bygone days when I would sit on the edge of a smaller bed and say prayers over a  little bundle with curly hair, pacifier, and her Arthur jammies – sleeping in touchdown position. Precious. A little tear formed in the corner of my eye as I whispered, ‘Amen’ and kissed her on the forehead. Our times like this are running desperately short.

I wondered if she felt the same tug on her heart as she looked up at me innocently. I wondered right up until she grunted in a nasty voice, “You smell funny!” and nudged me off the bed with her leg.

I got up off the floor, realizing she’d been asleep the entire time and didn’t hear a word of my prayer.

But God heard.

12 thoughts on “Don’t Poke a Sleeping Teen

  1. Two things this post made me consider: 1) whether simple, child-like prayers or eloquent, sage prayers, God has the acumen to use them both with precision in ways that would blow our minds, and 2) seeing how God is just bringing certain prayers of mine for my baby nephews to pass now 25 years later gives me courage to believe that he is working for me when the clouds close and all is dark.

    Mark, this post really encouraged me. Thanks.

    1. That makes my heart happy, Mike. I think it stirs US when we hear an eloquently worded prayer- and that is a good thing. But I doubt God thinks of them any differently than someone passionately crying out something as simple as, “help me Jesus”
      I love hearing about answered prayer and how sweet is it that you can recall spefically what you prayed so long ago.

      Blessings, my friend.

  2. That’s sweet and touching. And then funny at the end. I know I’ve thought about when my kids grow up. We really do have to seize the moment. Take advantage of every single day and phase of our children’s lives. Soon enough they will be gone, and what they leave with are the marks that we make on them.
    Ok, now I’m getting sentimental.
    Blessings and thanks for the sweet post. =)

    1. They will be gone, that’s for sure. I am guilty of sometimes wishing to move to the next phase. “Oh, if we could only get out of diapers” or “things will be better when one can drive”. But the phases move too fast anyway. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I loved this post. It touches on the world I’m in right now. College is looming and times a ticking. It doesn’t matter how we pray, God sees our hearts and hears every word.

    1. That’s right! My head wants them to be independent and ready to take on the world. But my heart wants them to be two forever. Blessings to you as we share this journey.

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