A New Kind of #NoFilter

I learn things about modern culture from the internet. Most of the time, I learn them just after they are passé to the younger generation. My kids laugh at me when I have a stunning revelation that has run its course and been discarded by them and all of their friends. I feel like I’m miles behind my teenagers but slightly ahead of my peers, so I’m okay with that.

I just figured out what those crazy kids meant by #NoFilter. It is kind of a way of saying, “I took this picture and you can’t improve upon it by manipulating it with the digital filters on your phone.” In some respects, they are realizing the beauty of nature over technology. If they pursued that thread, they might drop the whole thing because that would mean unplugging for a  while to realize that God made some pretty spectacular stuff you don’t need electronics to enjoy. Teenagers aren’t ready for that.

I don’t know much about filters or photography. I do follow a photography blog I greatly enjoy, Images by T. Dashfield. Often the subjects are close up flowers and insects that are mind-blowing. The pictures sometimes list camera specifications, f-stops, iso settings, and other things that mean something to those much smarter than me. I just like the pictures.

For today, I wanted to share my own #NoFilter:



Isn’t that lovely? We were invited to stay at a place in the mountains where that was the scene off of the back porch. When I see something like that, I can’t help ponder the majesty of nature and its creator. I think of history – how did railroad companies cut tracks through these hills so long ago? How is it possible that the union army marched over those peaks with cannons and supplies?

I also think of tragedy. Specifically my own personal tragedy that I discovered in the wee hours of the morning when I woke up ready to face the day. I found that #Nofilter can mean other things.




My cry could be heard piercing the darkness as it rang through those lovely mountains.


To the best of my knowledge (and Google Maps), the one place where I could find coffee filters is marked with a red arrow.



The #NoFilter scene I admired previously brought me only pain and heartache now. Adaption necessary, I had options…

Paper towels proved too flimsy.

I wasn’t rude enough to use linens in the cabin loaned to us nor brave enough to damage anything belonging to my lovely wife.

T-shirts? I only brought enough to get me through the time away.

Socks proved too thick.

However, while I am a light packer who once shoved everything for a two day business trip into a laptop bag, I did happen bring extra of one item that in desperation, I ripped up to use as an emergency coffee filter. It was one of my favorite pairs, but it was clean and available – perfect for such an emergency.

I am not proud of how I came to enjoy coffee that morning and you probably won’t see this brand of filters on the shelves of supermarkets anytime soon. But you never know, maybe I’m ahead of my kids on a trend for once.

16 thoughts on “A New Kind of #NoFilter

  1. Made me chuckle Mark. Been there done that many times yippie! Hey that looks like the smokies dude.
    Usually use colorful words that early in the am and no filters please.
    Much love Tom

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