Attendance Report

Just a follow-up to Zoo Church. Attendance was light because the weather was cold – fair-weather members and all. Some tropical animals were off exhibit, but we still had great encounters with the lions, gorillas, and pandas.

This little guy found a new way to ride.

The cutest red panda put on a show for us.

And we learned a valuable lesson courtesy of a mandrill I called Randy. The show he put on was not suitable family entertainment and my daughters were horrified with my interest. That spot of color you see in the picture is what you think it is – and Randy was very enamored with it. Every time he got within fifteen feet of a female, she ran away screaming. I felt like this was a useful example should any of us find ourselves attracting unwanted attention: bare teeth, scream, run.

No means No, Randy!

There’s so much to learn in this big world of ours, kids.

10 thoughts on “Attendance Report

  1. Randy might get on well with Louis, a chimp who was treated fairly badly by the British Navy and has lived at Edinburgh Zoo for many years. He’s got some learning deficiencies as a result, but his quirky ways and the way he never quite fits in with the rest of the chimps mean he has a special place in the hearts of the zoo workers and members who have known him for many years. However, Louis gets rather excited shall we say when he sees small children wearing wellington boots much to the horror of visitors to the Budongo trail when it coincides with a group from a nursery (preschool/kindergarten) trip!

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