My family has a busy weekend ahead. We have two graduations here in Atlanta and my nephew is being ordained as a priest in St. Louis. So we’re spitting up. JB and I are headed north, while my lovely wife and our other two daughters are holding down the fort here.

I’m very excited to see Patrick ordained. I am frankly amazed at him. He’s worked hard and is excited about the life he has ahead of him – devoted to God and to others. Following such a calling is a very special choice he’s made – against the grain of today’s norm and I truly respect that. I am afraid it will seem odd to call my nephew Father Patrick. But I’m sure it will feel right after a while.

We are going to have a fantastic time when we arrive to celebrate this holy event with family. But why not enjoy the ride as well as the destination, right?

When the kids were little and we took a trip, we would often try to find a zoo along the way to wear them out. It worked very well and since we are members of our local zoo, admission was usually free or discounted. For a big family, free fun is the best fun.

IMG_5052JB suggested visiting a zoo along the way and somehow that idea mushroomed into Zoofari 2019. We’re going to visit three on the way up and two on the way home. We even had t-shirts made that should be pretty ripe by zoo # 5.

I like to get on the road early, so all we’re really sacrificing is sleep. But that’s okay. It should be a hoot. We’ll be reporting along the way. I’m told we’re going to “vlog” – which is exciting because I’ve never done it and don’t know what it is. Look for us somewhere – wherever vlogging happens.


“Adventure is out there!”

-Ellie Fredrickson



7 thoughts on “Zoofari

  1. You definitely need to come visit Edinburgh Zoo – we have LOTS of penguins. In fact I think we were the first place in the Northern Hemisphere to have a penguin – some dude brought one back on a boat/ship to Leith back before the first world war, and we’ve had penguins in Edinburgh Zoo ever since! One of them even has a knighthood.

    Chester Zoo down in the North West of England is a great zoo too!

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