Prospector Dances & Brazilians in Leggings

I am typing this on the last day of our vacation to the place where the mouse takes all your money. We saved, scrimped, used Christmas presents and Visa points…and now its just about gone. But it has been a fantastic trip. So why, you might ask, am I wasting time blogging on our last day?

We have come here a handful of times, and when our children were napping ages, we never went to our room for a break. We just powered through and let them crash at night. It seems the teenagers can’t do that. So during the crowded afternoon hours, we’ve been coming back to the room and napping. Only I don’t nap well – I stare at the ceiling.

They have these things now called, “Extra Magic Hours”! These hours are great for our night-owlish kids because most people leave the park around ten and they stay open until 1 am (or 3 am tonight). But they are deadly for middle-aged men. At about 11 my mind can no longer focus on much and at midnight, I get all swimy-headed, which makes some of the wilder rides more like acid trips complete with delusions like Dumbo’s elephants on parade. But it’s all good. We’re having a wonderful time and I wish it didn’t have to end.

Random observations:

1. I love multicultural experiences. I really do. I love seeing the name tags here and talking to people from around the world. If you have ever come here in winter, you know that it is summer in South America and the parks are filled with Brazilians. They fascinate me because it is hard to tell an American from a Brazilian by quick glance. Sometimes you have to get close enough to hear if they are speaking Portuguese or English. Often, the leggings give it away. The South Americans we have seen have fully embraced leggings and yoga pants, and unfortunately, it isn’t always confined to women. I don’t think that is a particularly good look for me, so I’m hoping that style trend doesn’t cross the gender line north of the equator.image

2. At the end of It’s a Small World, they wish you good-bye in many languages. One of them is Arabic and the word is written:  Ma’assalama. For the immature, it really stands out as a fine way to wish someone well in their journeys. I’ve used it many times to the embarrassment of the girls and confused stares of my fellow park-hoppers.



3. The prospectors dance is real gold!

In one of the late, swimmy-headed hours, I did this little jig at Thunder Mountain Railroad and my kids decided I had to do it on command for them. I’ve done it pretty much everywhere now. In fact, at Dance Time with the Incredibles, I got Mr. Incredible to join me, but Frozone was too cool for it. Oh well, he was wearing blue leggings anyway.

Back to the real world tomorrow, but I’m about to wake them up for some extra magic. I love these ladies!

15 thoughts on “Prospector Dances & Brazilians in Leggings

  1. I was always a “chicken” when it came to taking my kids to the Kingdom. My mom was the trooper with the season passes and access to Anaheim and Orlando. It was really special to her, and I’m grateful I didn’t have to freak out in the crowds. Kudos to you braving the hours and crowds and loving the experience.

  2. It was the crowds that freaked me out. I wanted my boys to love the Kingdom, and I knew my mom would love sharing that experience. I couldn’t take that enjoyment away from them. So happy that y’all are trooping through from young till teenage experience. I can only imagine how the conversations and experiences have changed as they grow. How awesome for you! Enjoy!

  3. it sounds like you have it down to a ‘system’ now that your kids are teens. i love your description of the rides after midnight, when it becomes like a drug trip experience. great post, mark )

  4. The Brazilian men were wearing leggings? Wow, that’s a first for me. And I live in Brazil. Do you mean like work out pants that are skin tight? Or actual stylish type of leggings? I know you’d never catch my Brazilian husband in leggings? Hahahahaha. That would be quite the sight. Do you have any pictures of these Brazilians in leggings? I’d love to see them.
    Bless ya Mark and thanks for the amusing post=)

    1. I’m told by my daughter that I have a loose definition of leggings (which was the only thing loose about them). The men we saw were wearing running or workout tights. Evidently, the women wore workout tights, yoga pants, and leggings. I see ladies here wear things like that at the gym and some wear them out to stores and the like. But the South Americans add a lot of color, patterns, and flamboyance to the trend. We met some very nice folks from your part of the world!

      1. Hahahahaha. Yes, Brazilians, and other Latino countries really do like louder, brighter colours and big printed patterns. However, I must confess I’m shocked about them wearing those types of clothes to Disney Land, or even out and about. Normally, one doesn’t go out without dressing pretty nice. Unless they think that it’s normal in the States. I know that flip flops are NOT for wearing out. They’re like house sandals/slippers. I learned that pretty quick after moving here.
        By the way, you should see the beaches here. The norm for men and boys are speedos (yes, you read that right =). And of course the women/girls usually wear bikinis.

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