My 8-foot Black Girlfriend

I have a confession to make. I try to be honest here on my blog, so it’s high time I came out with it. This is no secret around the house and my wife has finally made peace with my new love. I have a girlfriend.

She’s 8-foot and she’s beautifully black. Please don’t be upset by that term – I typically use the term African-American because I have no desire to offend anyone. In this case though, my girlfriend has no African heritage, or American for that matter. I’m told she actually hails from Asia.

When she first came into my life, she was a little bit of a wreck having come from a broken home. She wasn’t mine, of course – she belonged to someone else. I walked past her and sometimes ever so slightly ran my fingers across her back wishing she could be mine. Just a little caress with no words spoken between us. That’s how our relationship started and it stayed that way for a long time.

Then came the day I saw her in a different light and knew it was meant to be… that I would do anything to make her mine. I seized the opportunity and made the first move. She didn’t object. After all, I have years of experience and can be very smooth… but not as smooth as she is.

She’s very soft, but firm, my girlfriend. She’s a little on the heavy side and often described as “sturdy”. But she is perfect in my eyes. I visit her nearly every night for some quality time. I put on some music and we play. She listens when I sing aloud and never discourages me. In fact, she’s very supportive.

How is my lovely wife with this, you ask? Oh, she’s a little jealous but not too much. It took a while, but she understands the need I have of this girlfriend and doesn’t begrudge our evening trysts. I have invited my wife to come meet her with me, but she quietly declines. That isn’t her sort of thing which is fine by me, I like the alone time with my girlfriend.

Now that it’s all out in the open, I would love to introduce you to her.





Isn’t she lovely? Freshly refelted and ready for action. And just look at those legs!

She’s a work of art.



Did you think…






Photo by Matthew Roth: Bliss Dance:  A sculpture by Marco Cochrane used with permission under the creative common license.

20 thoughts on “My 8-foot Black Girlfriend

    1. I looked at that, Mike. But if you’ve ever seen a yellow pool table, they are hard to look at. Black goes with everything and my girlfriend says it is slimming.

      1. Ha ha if you say so. You know I could not write on here what I really want to say so better leave it at that😉

  1. She’s gorgeous! My husband has a black side-chick, too. A 1937 Plymouth rat rod. She’s a beauty. When I lament about hubby spending so much time with her, I just remember that I’m the one with the diamond while she’s the one confined to the garage.
    Great read!

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