Liza’s New Job

Many have read about how Liza came to live with us and I’ve been asked more than once how she is doing. So I thought a little update on Liza might be in order.

Kylie always wanted a kitten. When we got home from the hospital after hearing the dreadful news that the cancer had spread throughout her body, Kylie looked up at me with her big, blue eyes and said, “Now can I have a baby kitty?”

IMG_1540Liza’s story was amazing. As you can read here, Liza laid in the crook of Kylie’s arm and wouldn’t budge. She took on the job of comforting Kylie until she breathed her last. Liza proved to be a faithful kitten who did her job so well, that even though our pet burden was very high, she earned a permanent place in our home.




How fitting that Kylie’s kitty has big, yellow eyes.



She has been with us over a year now, so let me tell you about her. imageShe hasn’t grown very big but somehow still thinks she is the queen of the house. She gets along well with her subjects – our two huge, dumb dogs and the other two cats. Even though she is over a year old, she still plays like a kitten. Her favorite toys are her hedgehog and any shopping bag that might be laying in the floor. Just like when we first got her, she takes naps in a storage bin under our bed – the same bed where she met Kylie. Liza must be part tiger because she loves water. In fact, I never get to shave alone because she is particularly intrigued by standing water in sinks.


Kylie’s mommy can’t make a chicken dish without arousing Liza’s curiosity.image She must be present on the counter for the chopping-of-the-chicken festivities and most would consider her a nuisance. But not Kylie’s mommy. Liza has a free pass in life because of what she did for Kylie and is never a bother or nuisance. In fact, Liza broke a coffee mug that Kylie once gave her mommy for Mother’s Day. She is the only one of us who could have been readily forgiven for that.


This relationship between mommy and cat – this is Liza’s new job and her performance is as exemplary as it was in her original job. Grief can be overwhelming at times. Tears like an ocean storm force you to stop what you are doing and wait them out until clearer seas prevail. It happens to us all, especially to Kylie’s mommy. But when mommy gets sad, Liza gets her lunchpail and clocks in. It’s like that little rascal of a kitten has a sixth sense for when mommy needs her and she will stop playing or harassing our other pets just to curl up in her lap to help ride out the storm. She’ll hop down when it is over like nothing happened and hang out nearby waiting for the next squall to approach.

Since she doesn’t have Kylie to lay with, she sleeps in the crook of mommy’s arm every night and often wakes her with kisses. Liza could never take Kylie’s place, but she is a very special cat with a unique purpose in life and right now, I am happy to report that she is doing quite well.






25 thoughts on “Liza’s New Job

  1. My prayers will now include a cat named Liza, that she will continue to fulfill her destiny in the Myers’ household. She needs some really “top drawer” nourishment for the energy as she continues the journey to be the soul cat for the Mommy and others. Glad to meet her!

  2. She even has a “smiley Kylie” collar! A precious kitten she is and ever she will be.

  3. Thanks Mark!!!! While I really don’t know any of your family, I feel I do. I read your blog faithfully, cried through the book even though there were parts that were light hearted like you know how to write so well. I introduced myself to you at CUREFEST, something I never do. However, at CUREFEST 2015, I was someone even I did not recognize, going up to people with whom, I had connected on FB that do an amazing job advocating for CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS. It is your blogs that mention Kylie’s Mom where I feel the greatest tug! Kylie’s Kitty was born with a mission. She completed part of it and continues it today comforting Kylie’s Mom. Thank you for sharing. I think often of your family and the beautiful picture, you posted not so long ago of your girls, in THREE HERE, ONE HOME!!!!

    1. I will continue to share our journey in the hopes of making a dent in funding issues. Thanks for being a part of it, Margy. I hope you are coming back to Curefest in the fall.

  4. When we got home from the hospital after hearing the dreadful news that the cancer had spread throughout her body, Kylie looked up at me with her big, blue eyes and said, “Now can I have a baby kitty?”

    From heartbreaking to hilarious in the span of a single sentence.

    1. It was truly funny because she had been asking for one for so long and she knew we wouldn’t deny her at that point. Who would say no to that.

  5. Glad you guys have Liza. You are right, a pet can never take a child’s place, but they bring their own brand of comfort. We had to get an “emergency kitten” just recently ourselves… he is currently trying to climb the back of my chair. 🙂

  6. I could not love this update more. God works in mysterious ways. No one would expect a tiny, sickly rescue kitten to become this lovely girl with such important jobs to do. She seems to have fulfilled her destiny perfectly and she’s lucky to have such an amazing family.

    1. All our love, Kim. This is a story I love to tell, it says so many things about nature and harmony with it. Thanks for being a big part of it.

  7. I really do believe that kitty is an angel kitty sent from God. We have seven indoor cats, and while some of them are really sweet, not one of them behaves in that way; they’ve never seemed to sense sadness the way Liza does, nor sleep with one particular person every night. That cat is very special, and her yellow eyes are beautiful!

    1. Her yellow eyes… Isn’t that amazing. The rescue folks knew nothing about Kylie when they brought her. Just that she was in need of a temporary kitten.

  8. Animals simply know. I’m sure those bog goofy dogs must know as well.

    I must tell you…I’m a marathon runner as well and I thought of your sweet Kylie as a ran up Heartbreak Hills in Boston (I so wish it was just one hill)

    I live in Ohio & I have shared your blog with many. I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy 2 months ago and I must tell you that your words have helped me & my husband (I commented on “A Taxi to There” )

    Thank you for sharing this blog, you are reaching more people than you know.

  9. Hi Mark. Thank you for the update on Liza. Pets are wonderful. They are always by your side through thick and thin. Love how she senses when Kylie’s mommy is down. What a great “therapy session” she provides. OH! And, I love her yellow smilie collar!!!

  10. That’s one special cat, it’s amazing how animals know how and when we need comfort the most.

      1. I’m glad you have her too. Sometimes a furry friend can help more than a human one.

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